A six month accelerator to launch or grow a project that propels you to the career of your dreams.

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Idea To Impact 

A 6 Month Accelerator Program

Doors open February 2021


Discover how this program might kickstart you, version 2.0

Payment Plan Available. Spots Limited.  

In this 6 month experience, you’ll learn the exact steps to crafting a Breakthrough Project that boosts your profile, makes you money, and takes your music career to next level.

You'll learn all about

  • Getting a new project from zero to fully off the ground the thriving
  • Propelling your new performance project to success and getting it in front of the right stakeholders
  • Collaborating with world-renowned artists 
  • Running a non-profit that is getting loads of attention and getting you paid
  • Fundraising tens of thousands of dollars without blinking an eye to support your dreams 
  • Regularly booking highly profitable engagements at top venues - and how to have those conversations with presenters even during a pandemic
  • Launching a lucrative online teaching business or academy

Thinking results like these sound great, but a little unbelievable?

At iCadenza, our clients have experienced complete transformations in their careers and their lives.

We've helped musicians just like you have mind-blowing career breakthroughs. Here are some of their stories:

“Last year, I moved to a new city where I had to re-establish my violin career. I had always been interested in creating performances but the idea of producing a multi-media performance and fundraising for one had always intimidated me.  

In just three months, I went from having the idea for my multi-media music and dance performance to finding collaborators, fundraising thousands of dollars and executing my project, all while I was pregnant with my first child! It is so amazing to me to think how much I’ve accomplished in such a short period of time. Idea to Impact gave me the tools and the support I needed to make this happen.”  

Heather Powell, Violnist and Creator of Before You Had A Name  



(and discover if this is for you)

For musicians and creative producers who are ready to launch a project that propels their career forward (without sacrificing artistic integrity or working yourself into the ground) 

This is your opportunity to discover the exact strategies we have used to help thousands of musicians break through the endless plateau of being a “just about to make it” talent and create their dream careers on their own terms  

“When I came to iCadenza, I had a successful career, but I felt like I was capable of more. I had resigned to the notion that my composition work would remain my private pursuit.  

In just a few short months, I launched a collaboration with a librettist for a new chamber opera, began developing a new multimedia piece with a local performance group which is now under serious consideration with a professional symphony orchestra, and have expanded the reach of my non-profit chamber orchestra.”  

Maxim Samarov, Conductor, Composer, and Orchestra Director at Tulane University  

Sarah Robinson Flutist, Co-founder of Helix Collective, and author of Clubbing for Classical Musicians

Maren Montalbano Mezzo-soprano and member of GRAMMY Award winning ensemble The Crossing

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We will be mentoring a cohort of highly motivated musicians who are fully committed to transforming their careers with our full support over the next 6 months. 

You will be led through our signature process...

Month 1: Choose and Clarify your Breakthrough Project  

The big difference between a successful project and a career transformation? Strategy.  

In the first month, we will help you comb through the shiny objects, the onslaught of new ideas, and creator’s block to define the project and trajectory that will guide the next 6 months.

It doesn’t matter if this is your 1st or 50th creative project, this month will give you all the pieces to build a strong foundation.

Already have a project started? We will help you create the best strategy for fully launching it.  

Month 2: Setting and Testing a Structure  

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty! We at iCadenza are firm believers that the quality of your work is directly affected by the quality of planning that goes into it. And this is the time to do just that.  

In this month, we will not only cover how to set a structure that will carry your project forward, but also how to incorporate room for flexibility and the unknown into that process.  

And the key part of this month? You will start to take action! Quality planning is nothing without starting to take action, and so we will support you in taking the leap from concept to reality.  

Month 3: Gather Your Tools and Resources  

Need to find a venue? Need a collaborator? Need to find a record label? Projects are riddled with logistics and finding the appropriate set of tools and resources can be exhausting. But we know it doesn’t have to be! 

We will work with you to help you make the difficult asks, decisions, and priorities to ensure that by the end of this month you have a stack of the tools and resources you need to pull off your project without a hitch.  

Month 4: Communicate Your Message  

We know how frustrating it can be when you have a beautiful artistic vision and don’t know how to communicate it.  

We have helped musicians craft messaging that has won them thousands of performances. We will work with you during this month so that you learn the ins and outs of sharing your messaging to find your audience and grab their attention.  

Whether it’s via social media, email, or one on one conversations, we will share the dos and don’ts of getting people to see, understand, and want what you are putting out into the world.  

Month 5: Enroll Others In Your Vision  

Money! It makes the world go round. And we know that securing funding can be one of the scariest parts of launching a project. Whether you are crowdfunding, applying for grants, or looking for individual backers - we will show you the steps necessary to get the money you need.  

We will also teach you one of the most valuable skills any creative can have - the art of enrolling people in your vision. Mastering this skill will enable you to secure the support you need to not only back this project but that will propel your entire career forward.  

Month 6: Amplify Your Career  

This final month is all about the art of leveraging. At this point, you will have built something that in of itself you can be proud of. However - we will help you take it to the next level.  

How do you turn the performance you just put on into 5 more? How do you build your network through the people you met along the way? How do you get an even better record deal or performance opportunity from this one?  

This month will provide the missing link that will allow you to keep creating projects that up level your career each time.  

“My entire performance career has blossomed, both internally and externally, with opportunities presenting themselves much more abundantly. With iCadenza, I know I always have a partner on my side who is truly invested in helping me grow, both as a person and as an artist.”

Maren Montalbano, Mezzo-soprano and member of GRAMMY Award winning ensemble The Crossing  

Ute Gfrerer Internationally Touring Soprano for Opera, Operetta, and Cabaret.

Scott Williamson Founder, Collective Euphonia, Former Director, Opera Roanoke

When you feel empowered as an artist, you’ll experience energy and fulfillment on every front, as new opportunities flow your way!  

Here's what you can look forward to:

  •  Launching game-changing collaborations
  •  Landing unexpected dream opportunities
  •  Spending less time working but yielding better results
  •  Performing better than ever before (seriously, this happens!)
  •  Having your own in-crowd - a community that inspires and lifts you up
  •  Mentorship from highly experienced career coaches who have seen it all  

We are taught to believe that if we impress the right people, practice as much as possible, and wait long enough, we will finally get noticed and recognized. 

The truth is, it’s so much more simple than that! All it takes from you is a strong vision, your passion for your craft, and a commitment to your future and we can help you create your career-making opportunity sooner rather than later.

Ready to get started together?  

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The program forced us to think about what success really is and what it means to us. We have a much better understanding of who we are, where we want to be, how to get there, and how to engineer our long-term success.

As a result of our work in Idea to Impact, we have won showcase opportunities at major booking conferences, built the business infrastructure for the ensemble, and learned to delegate more effectively to our team. "

Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak, Bridge & Wolak  

We started iCadenza in 2009 during a major recession. We remember those days well - everything was new: co-founders Julia and Jennifer were new to entrepreneurship, there were no jobs in any industry, the arts industry had just shrunk by about half, with far fewer performances being presented by fewer venues, social networking was still new, and competition everywhere was fierce. It felt like there was no money, the world had become an unpredictable place, and people were talking about a "new normal" and how we would all survive.

When we told people we were starting a new company, they looked as us blankly, like question marks in the eyes of a cartoon character, wondering where we expected to find money. It took us two years, but we eventually found our footing, and also founded Cadenza Artists, a booking agency, representing artists, composers, dancers, speakers, directors, and other creatives. Flash forward nearly 12 years, and both companies are alive and thriving. Was it immediate? Definitely not. Was it easy? Not at all. Was it worth it? 100% yes. Now, you get to benefit from everything we've learned.

At iCadenza, we are passionate about empowering artists to create their dream careers on their terms. We have been doing just that for over the past decade. The result? Thousands of musicians who are now making more money than they thought possible, working with people and organizations they thought were out of reach, and participating in careers that are fulfilling in their work and in their lives. 

Our team of experts has not only helped musicians, we have lived it ourselves. We each bring our own flavor of expertise that allows us to support the wide variety of artists we work with. 

Lisa Husseini has a decade of experience as an administrator within a variety of arts organizations and is a conservatory-trained flutist herself.

Sarah Robinson is a performing flutist, founder of the LA-based Helix Collective and author of Clubbing for Classical Musicians

Julia Torgovitskaya is a trained opera singer, is the co-founder and President of iCadenza and also runs our sister company and artist agency, Cadenza Artists.

We have seen it all!

This has allowed us to work with fantastic clients in all corners of the arts landscape:

  • Major university and conservatory programs including Stanford University, the Peabody Institute, the Frost School of Music, and MIT, where we have coached students, faculty, and given workshops. 
  • Members of major symphony orchestras looking to enhance their current career or start a fulfilling side hustle. 
  • Non-profit and arts organizations including major US radio station KUSC/KDFC and a variety of choral, orchestral, and multi-disciplinary organizations looking to enhance revenue, employee experience, and get to the next level of stability and thriving. 
  • Internationally-renowned soloists looking to enhance their time, energy, and careers.
  • Service Organizations such as Chorus America, APAP, Opera America, and more through workshops and resources that further serve their constituents.  


What this means for you is that....

  • You will have a combined 50+ years of industry experience focused on supporting you and your success.
  • We have got your back! You can take the risks you need while trusting that you won't let you walk down a dangerous road.
  • No matter what your corner of the arts industry is - we have the experience and the network to help get you the best answers quickly.  
  • You will have an experienced and informed partner to act as a sounding board for all of your ups and downs - successes and challenges. 

Want to join this 6-month journey towards that breakthrough moment that you know will MAKE your career? Here’s what you need to know.  

It's ok if you don’t yet have a clear vision for your future. We've got your back with our signature vision and strategy setting process.

This group is about making a shift in your approach. Be prepared to face and conquer what is most holding you back (in a safe and supportive environment).  

With our background and expertise, we can quickly help you set a direction and strategy. But your willingness to take action is the magic ingredient that will pull it all together.  

You’ll get targeted trainings, direct support, and the strategy you need to rapidly accelerate your career growth.

Here's what you get:

  • A comprehensive curriculum consisting of 11 modules that you can access on-demand on your own time. These include video trainings, written assignments, and further resources.
  • 6 months of direct support - from the entire iCadenza coaching team
  • Private Facebook group with regular live trainings
  • Weekly group coaching calls each month on zoom video
  • Accountability Partners
  • iCadenza’s vast library of digital resources, including over 50 hours of video content featuring experts in the industry and hundreds of books, videos, and articles that we have curated for our clients over the past 10 years.


Do you want 1 on 1 support where we can really focus on you? The VIP option is designed to provide you with individualized support so that you can get to your goal even faster. Here’s what you’ll get:  

Monthly 1:1 calls where you’ll get extra support on all aspects of your process - to keep you moving forward as you step into new territory  

A special individual session with an industry mentor experienced in your chosen project field.

Additional gifts and surprises - a true VIP experience!


Awesome bonus trainings with our guest experts:  

Sean Hagon on Virtual Performances and Setting Up a Home Studio Jennifer Rosenfeld on Thinking Big and Vision into Message Chrysanthe Tan on Building Your Audience  Lisa Husseini on Networking


Ready to supercharge your career through a meaningful artistic project? 


(and discover if this is for you) 

“In just six months, my 5+ year old non-profit started paying the co-founders for their extensive administrative work, raised musician fees and put the organization on solid financial footing for the future. Every step of the way, from running a fundraiser to building new partnerships, the iCadenza team was there to answer my questions and lend support and advice.”

Sarah Robinson, Flutist, Co-founder of Helix Collective, and author of Clubbing for Classical Musicians