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“I went from having a few performances here and there to having 10 orchestras performing my existing works, while building a successful commission with a world-class soloist to be premiered by a professional symphony orchestra in this next year. Before, it felt like orchestral performances only went to a closed club of composers. Now I feel like I am gaining traction.”

Daniel Perttu, Composer and Chair of the School of Music at Westminster College  


iCadenza has helped thousands of musicians go from "best kept secret" to recognized, celebrated and paid… 

… in this behind the scenes look, we are divulging how you can crack the code to land career-changing contracts, fill your calendar with performances, ask for your highest fees ever, and more!  

Sounds just like what your music career needs?  

Keep on reading, this is for you…  

Here’s the truth:  

Most musicians spend decades “paying their dues” a.k.a taking every low-paying gig tossed their way with the hopes that one day that dream gig will come their way. But when will paying your dues turn into paying yourself?  


  • have been playing the same low-paying low-exposure gigs for years  
  • are staring at a painfully empty calendar
  • feel like you’re spending more time finding gigs than actually performing them
  • wish you had an agent who could just deal with all of this
  • just came off a tour that cost you thousands of dollars instead of making you money  

That career you're dreaming of?  

It always seems just out of reach.  

The icing on the cake?  

Everywhere you look, it seems as though all of the signs are pointing to what you fear most might be true…  

“Maybe I’m just not destined to make it. Maybe I really don’t have what it takes.”  

Hi there, I’m Lisa Husseini, Career Coach, Flutist, and Arts Administrator  

And I’m here to help you make small changes so that you can see BIG results in your bookings and in your bank account.  

My colleagues at iCadenza and I have spent the past 10+ years helping performers land their dream gig after dream gig. This includes... 

  • doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling their fees  
  • working with world-renowned collaborators  
  • securing high-profile, high-paying residencies and performances  
  • booking highly profitable tours
  • building successful consortiums that guarantee dozens of performances

... and more!  

All of the good stuff that leads to sold-out audiences, tons of money, lots of press attention, and access to a higher level of opportunities across the industry...  

… like Daniel who landed a $10k gig after years of charging $800 fees.  

That’s right...this is your opportunity to unlock the next level of your performing career and create the calendar you’ve always imagined...  

...where you are making the money you want while doing what you love.  

Here are just a few of the things I’ll be teaching:  

  • The #1 thing you should be doing RIGHT NOW to boost your bookings and your $$. It only takes 5 minutes a day and has led to clients tripling their bookings and fees overnight!  
  • Why delegating your career to a manager is NOT the road to more money, more time, and more opportunities...and how to really get noticed by presenters, investors, and the press.  

  • The six big mistakes that prevent artists from booking more gigs and making more money. (Hint: it’s not about spending lots of money on new headshots or becoming a forceful negotiator)  
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“My experience with Be Your Own Agent was exactly what I had hoped for. Getting individual feedback was priceless! The team told me where I could improve, plus affirmed the things I was already doing right. I've had a 100% return rate on my cold emails in a market where I have absolutely no personal professional connections — all within a week's time! I feel much more empowered now. I'm happy with my direction and excited for what lies ahead.

Juliana Soltis - Baroque Cellist  

“As a result of our work with iCadenza and the steps we’ve taken in the past few months, we have won showcase opportunities at two major booking conferences, built the business infrastructure for the ensemble in Canada and in the USA, and learned to delegate more effectively to our team. We’ve had a huge improvement in our ability to flesh out our strategy, and had a major branding overhaul!"

Michael Bridge (accordian) and Kornel Wolack (clarinet) - Bridge & Wolack Duo